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Tweed-Weber, Inc. Announces a Turnkey, Cost-Effective Library Board Self Assessment


Reading, PA - Tweed-Weber, Inc., a research and strategic planning consulting firm that works with numerous libraries and library systems in Pennsylvania, is pleased to announce a turnkey process for library board evaluation. The Library Board Self-Assessment was developed to allow a board to assess:

  • How the board operates structurally
  • How the board operates behaviorally
  • How the board performs its duties
  • How well board members operate individually

The Library Board Self-Assessment is 100% confidential for board members and takes only 15-20 minutes to complete. In addition, virtually no staff or management effort from the library is required. Tweed-Weber does all the work with an all-inclusive, turnkey process that includes the assessment, online implementation, data analysis, and a final report.

The ONLY thing a library director or board chair needs to do is forward an email (prepared by Tweed-Weber) to board members asking them to complete the self-assessment. That's it. Tweed-Weber does the rest.

The Library Board Self-Assessment is reasonably priced and 
can be delivered in as little as two weeks from the time it is ordered, and once a base year is on record, it is benchmarkable in future years.

The Library Board Self-Assessment was designed specifically to enhance the performance of library boards as they work to transform their libraries into Libraries of the Future.

For more information, please contact Sharon Danks, Vice President, at 1-800-999-6615 or


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Market research comes in many forms, but there are two key types:

Primary Research

Simply put, primary research involves talking to the people who matter to you most. They could be customers, prospects, vendors, employees, or even people chosen at random from an industry of particular interest. Primary research is tailored to your needs and cannot be found in the marketplace. Primary research places a special focus on qualitative data (personal perceptions, descriptions, and meaning).

Secondary Research

Secondary research is based on information gleaned from studies previously performed by government agencies, Chambers of Commerce, trade associations, and other organizations. It also includes Internet and database searches for information that currently exists in the market and is available for free access or purchase. Secondary research places a special focus on quantitative data (numbers and statistics).